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Avalokitesvara “name” Thousand Bodhisattva “, also known as” a thousand eyes Qianbi Bodhisattva “, is one of six Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Original habitat: Xingtai South County Gang and rubble Que Um, Impact: which led people to worship the Goddess of Mercy Chinese women, according to Buddhist scriptures record, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara represents over protective beings, a thousand eyes are Views expressed over the world. After the Tang Dynasty, the Buddhist goddess Guanyin in many monasteries in China gradually as the main image is enshrined. Thousand Goddess of Mercy statues, there are two, one is really shaping the 1000 hand, one eye in each palm, as if arranged Senju peacock like Goddess of Mercy came in behind him. Another is the 42 representatives of the Buddhist goddess hand, in addition to the central hands together in prayer outside, each about 20 hands, 25 representatives of each hand, a symbol of 1000 hands, the hands of each eye were the various law enforcement device. Evolution is, after this kind of statues of Macau printed stamps.


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