Zhu Bishan silver if Bronze archaize furnishing…

Zhu Bishan silver if Bronze archaize furnishing articles

Yuan Dynasty. 18 cm high, 20 cm long. Cha whole body as cypress texture, shaped like tree branches old Sam, buckling of the cause, a man inclined to sit on the raft, said Aili shoes, long beard Kuanpao, staring eyes in the hands of books. Croucher engraved on the front end, “Long Cha,” the word engraved on the cup under Xingkai “Yu Ye and self storage Chang, Pan silverside to Ling Xu Du The title” 15-character, Cha lower abdomen engraved regular script “Hundred Cup mad Li Bai, a drunk old Liu Ling, get to know the wine fun, party names remain the world’s “twenty words, the rear end of Croucher engraved script” positive Yiyou, Weitang Soochow Zhu Bishan built in Changchun Church in Paul’s sons, “twenty words, and seal seal “Huayu” word. This Cha silver cup to be cast after carving, head, hands, and other parts of the cloud shoe is then cast after welding, weld connection at mixed natural without a trace. This characteristic of both traditional crafts of painting and sculpture, marking the Yuan period silver casting process technology and highly artistic level, the study of the Yuan Dynasty art development history of great significance. Now in the possession Beijing Palace Museum.


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