Bodhisattva (Sanskrit: Avalokiteśvara), Guanyin is Kumarajiva…

Bodhisattva (Sanskrit: Avalokiteśvara), Guanyin is Kumarajiva old translation, Xuanzang translated Avalokitesvara new, abbreviated as every Chinese Goddess of Mercy. Bodhisattva is a symbol of Buddhist compassion and wisdom, both in Mahayana Buddhism and in popular belief, it has an extremely important position. Led to the Bodhisattva spirit of great compassion, Mahayana Buddhism is considered essential. Buddhist, said, Guanyin past Fa Ming Ru Laisuo current technology, immeasurable in his homeland in order to body fortunate revered Buddha everywhere. Avalokitesvara and Amitabha has a special relationship. He is Sam West in one respect, but also make life at Tuas Dhammakaya is inherited Buddha Amitabha bit, but also said that Avalokiteshvara is the incarnation of Buddha. Bodhisattva have equal selfless majority of COMPASSION when beings encounter any difficulties and pain, as can sincerely say read Bodhisattva, the Buddha will get ambulance.


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