My Baby‘s experience of Washcloths Wipes Ultra Soft – 100%…

My Baby‘s experience of Washcloths Wipes Ultra Soft – 100% Natural Organic Bamboo Face Towel

These washcloths are super soft, even after I washed them. They absorb water really well. My son and I were at Target and Toys R Us and felt the baby washcloths at both of those stores and didn’t find them nearly as soft as these ones. I received 3 different colors, 2 blue, 2 pink and 2 yellow. They are true to the size stated and didn’t shrink when I washed and dried them. I used them to wash my face and feel that they cleaned very well without leaving my face sore or irritated, unlike some washcloths I have used in the past. I would recommend these to adults and babies alike.
Product Description

The Secret of Making Your Baby’s Bath Time Easy and Happy!

The Best Bamboo Baby Washcloths to Help You,Without Spending A Fortune!
Good baby washcloths will change you life!

– Worried about toxic chemicals harm your baby’s skin?
– Tired of feeble, thin, tiny and scratchy washcloths?
– Spending too many money and time on disposable wipes?
Our Baby Washcloths will change all!
– Made by 100% All Natural Bamboo!
– Never risk your baby’s health again!
– bamboo fibers extra soft,highly absorbent and quick drying!
– Let your baby enjoy the bath time!
The baby washcloths are not only for your Baby!
– Pamper your “pretty and proud”,comfortable for makeup removal.
– Maintain baby’s skin with “me-time baths”,using 100% organic washcloths!
– Join amazing moms around the world,help preserve Mother Earth!

The manufacturer offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.If it unsuitable for you, please contact for a hassle-free return/exchange.


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