My Heather Ann Creations 29.5″ Tall Spun Bamboo Decorative…

My Heather Ann Creations 29.5″ Tall Spun Bamboo Decorative Floor or Table Accent Vase, Dark/Gold Brown

This handcrafted bamboo spun decorative floor vase has a diameter of 10.2and is 29.5Tall. Made of Natural bamboo making this vase lightweight and easy to move
The collection of Modern spun bamboo vases are available in a 3 unique and different colors to match most home decors
Expertly handcrafted and spun from bamboo by experienced artisans and finished to perfection, the vase is not water tight and is ideal only for decorative purposes
Hand spun bamboo make these decorative floor vases catch the eye in both Uniqueness and quality and add a refined touch
Crafted and created by Heather Ann Creations, one of the premier home decorative design companies for over 20 years. Purchase with confidence

Handcrafted out of spun bamboo these Heather Ann Creations floor vases are a thing of beauty. Carefully constructed and spun from natural bamboo strips the technique allows the creation of a lightweight, durable and timeless accent Vase for your living area . Bamboo vases can hold their color for longer than other materials which means your bamboo spun Vase will sustain its true and original color. The tall narrow design and colors will add flair to almost any rooms decor while still looking elegant and sophisticated. These exquisite pieces come in 3 stunning designs: Dark brown top and bottom sections with gold/brown mid-section, natural bamboo top and bottom sections with black/orange mid-section and silver top 2/3’s with black bottom 1/3 section. No matter your color of choice, each Vase will add a subtle touch and visual impact to any room of your home, whether it be your living room, bedroom, guestroom or walkway. These Heather Ann Creations floor vases measure 29.5 inches tall and are 10.2 inch in diameter and weigh only 6lbs. They work well being placed on the floor or on a plant stand and can be filled with dried or silk flowers. Not for water use. For over twenty years, Heather Ann Creations has specialized in designing a line of unique photo frames, wall decor and tabletop accessories with unusual finishes. Many products are reproductions of 18th and 19th century antique carvings from around the world. The products can be used throughout the home blending age-old tradition with today’s contemporary interiors and exteriors


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