Review for AOMAIS Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers,Wireless Portable…

Review for AOMAIS Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers,Wireless Portable IPX7 Waterproof Speaker with Stereo Pairing Function Pairs all Bluetooth Devices

I LOvE LOVE LOVE this speaker !!!! It’s soooo nice !!! It’s really durable yet not to heavy! I love the wrist strap on it so you can hang it from your wrist if you hands are full or you can hang it up some where! This speaker doesn’t seem cheap at all! I love how it talks to you so there’s no guessing from its turned on… It says things like powering on, pairing (to Bluetooth) , pair (to Bluetooth) and powering off! It pairs super fast also! The sound is amazing! It’s really great quality , and super loud which I like !! I put this on on end of the house playing music and I walked to the other end of the house and I could still hear it! This speaker does have buttons on the top for power , sound, and to skip back and forth… The little blue light on it does flicker when powering on off and pairing ! This is a really great quality speaker ! I would recommend this speaker to anyone needing one!! This speaker does come with a charging cable , you do need the part that goes in to the plug outlet on the wall it’s self, it also comes with an aux cord which is awesome because I can plug my MP3 player in to it ! That’s something you don’t see these days! I was so happy when I seen that it had that cord , as I didnt have a speaker besides in my car to where I can listen to my MP3 player!
Disclaimer – I was given this speaker for a free/discounted price in return for my totally honest review . In no way shape or form did the price sway my opinions on this item at all.

If you need one, you could get via


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