The Light Garden WLWB60 Electric/Corded Willow Branch with 60…

The Light Garden WLWB60 Electric/Corded Willow Branch with 60 Incandescent Lights, 20 Inch

Product has sturdy branches & beautiful with all the lights! The product comes with extra long cord, so plug in can be several feet away. In the included picture the small buds on the long slim branches are the ones that are this product. The branches are bendable & can be bent to postion them by spreading them out.
Decorative willow branch with 20-inch stem and 60 clear incandescent lights
Provides up to 8,000 hours of use; UL and cUL approved for dry locations
Handcrafted; individually soldered lights remain lit even if one burns out
Standard 110V electrical supply connects to a 24-Volt adapter
Measures 20 inches high; 90-day limited warranty

The Light Garden WLWB60 Willow Branch with 60 lights is ideal in residential, retail, corporate or even special event locations. This beautiful floral creation of Willow Branches will visually enhance your living space, showroom or office environment. Combine with your containers and accessories to create dramatic and unique floral displays. These lights are easily incorporated into existing floral arrangements or make a beautiful statement when displayed alone; the warm and inviting atmosphere created is sure to leave an everlasting impression.

The WLWB60 Willow Branch comes with a single stem that is 20 inches tall. This light is completely hand-made and includes 20 incandescent decorative lights that are individually soldered and rated for 8,000 hours (over 3 years of normal home use at 6 hours per day). It has a power source of standard 110-volt electrical supply that connects to a 24-volt adaptor adn plugs into any standard outlet. Should an individual light go out, all other lights will remain illuminated. This fixture is certified and listed to UL/cUL standards for dry location, or outside in a covered environment.
About The Light Garden

The Light Garden offers the country’s largest and most diverse collection of illuminated floral design products and accessories. Their floral innovations are revolutionizing the concept and style of interior lighting. A variety of unique designs transform the ordinary silk flower and cast an enchanting, ambient glow on any setting. From vibrant orchids and plum tree flowers to earth-toned willow branches offset by sparkling crystals, this collection offers something to accent every decor.


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