Many uses! Chef Essential Bamboo Utility Drawer Organizer…

Many uses! Chef Essential Bamboo Utility Drawer Organizer

This is a really nice utensil tray, I love bamboo products they are more durable and Eco-freindly.
This is a nice size and will hold an array of utensils, from silverware to any other kind of utensils.
This fits just perfectly in my cupboard drawer, with room to spare.
I love the 5 different compartments, that separately hold your utensil.
It is very sturdy and durable, this will not fall apart or break like cheaper versions on the market.
I love this one so much I plan on getting another for all my various knives.
This will neaten up any kitchen drawer perfectly, and it is able to hold quite a lot.
Overall this is a really great utensil tray , I love mine as I am sure you will too.
If you are looking for something like this for yourself or as a gift , you have found it with this product .
I highly recommend this great utensil tray,I received this product at a discount , this is my honest review and unbiased review.

Bamboo silverware tray is designed to fit smaller and medium size drawers
Made from high quality moso bamboo and eco-friendly
Clean up clutter – Small enough to fit anywhere and hold just about any gadget.
Measures 14.5-inch long, 10.25-inch wide and 1.75-inch high.
Simplify your life – Great for kitchen utensils, office desks, home vanity’s and utility drawers. Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer


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