Spider Woman Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women in…

Spider Woman Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women in http://www.cosercosplay.com/spider-woman-sexy-halloween-costumes-for-women-16081719-p-1944.html

Spider Woman Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women 16081719. Jessica Drew who lives a normal life, after one day she exposed to radiation near wundagore of Transia, she has the super power, which helps her to safeguard world peace. Spider-Woman Jessica Drew work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA. Then she joined in New Avengers. In the Civil War she becomes one of the Secret Avengers of Captain America. This sexy women halloween costume mainly made of shiny spandex, or we also called it shiny metallic, or wet look spandex, it is a very fashion kind of material for halloween costumes. The yellow and black logo fabric is lycra spandex. High collar style will keep you warm in winter if you wear this sexy cosplay costume during the halloween. The fashion white wings make you looks more beautiful, it is also made of lycra spandex. The picture have not show the bottom, same as the hands, the feet also yellow color from toe to mid-calf. The zipper is on back, we can also add the zipper for female, if you want to add the female zipper please choose the options we prepare for you. Shiny spandex can not be washed by water, the color may change, please pay attention to that. Any details which you want to change of this costume, you can send us email, or leave message on our “contact us” page, custom-made is also available. We need about 4-6 working days to product this sexy halloween costume for women, but before the halloween, the processing time will be about 10 working days, hope you can understand that. Any questions please feel free to contact us.


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