Get great L1605 Brand Simple Flat Thigh High Boots from…

Get great L1605 Brand Simple Flat Thigh High Boots from

You may think that this simple thigh high boots is so normal, it have not let your eyes bright, when you first saw it. Maybe you are right. But some of our customers like this simple flat thigh high boots very much, it may look not that beautiful or unique, but after you wear it, you will find that, this thigh high boots wears very comfortable. The top leather we use, so it is very soft. Flat style will more good for your feet, if you need to walk or stand for a long time. We all know that high heel style of thigh high boots may looks better than flat style, but if comfortable is the first factory which influence your decision, then is comfortable and simple flat women boots is a good choice. It is made of nubuck leather, it has a good breathability, and also warm for winter. The picture color is khaki, we also have the black color, if you do not like the khaki, you can choose the color black if you need. Brand boots or designer boots also have the similar products, but we have more competitive price. We will update more simple boots for women if you like. Any questions please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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