Spider-Woman Sexy Cosplay Costume For Halloween 16081724 from…

Spider-Woman Sexy Cosplay Costume For Halloween 16081724 from http://www.cosercosplay.com/spiderwoman-sexy-cosplay-costume-for-halloween-16081724-p-1946.html
Material:Lycra Spandex, Shiny Spandex(wet look spandex/ shiny metallic)
Air Permeability: Good
Elasticity: Good
Components:Shirt, Spandex Leggings, Gloves, Cuff, Spider Eyes
Characters:Superhero, Spider-Woman, Spider Girl

We called it cosplay costume, but this red suit looks like our normal cloth. There is a gold pattern on the chest, it looks like a spider or something others. On the arms, the white material looks like gauze, but our factory have no gauze fabric, so we will use white lycra spandex to produce it. The gloves we will use black shiny metallic spandex to make. So the black gloves and the white gauze both are different from the original in the picture, not look 100% as the picture. For the shot shirt and the spandex leggings we will use lycra spandex to make, the length of the spandex leggings is to ankle. What is the most important accessories is the spider eyes, without the spider eyes, this suit we can not call it cosplay costume strictly speaking. This spider eyes are made of mesh so you can see through the spider eyes, but it may not that clearly, this accessory is not mask just something like blinder, if you want to change any of the style of this costume of the spider eyes then please contact us before you make the order. Get this simple spider woman cosplay costume for the Halloween of this year. Any thing about this costume please leave us message on our “contact us” page. We will reply you ASAP.


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